Dog-Friendly Trip Destinations from Sundays Employees

by Hannah Roundy

It’s easy to pick out a vacation spot for yourself, but there are a few more things to consider for trips with your dog.

Bring your dog along for the ride on your next vacation! The Sundays team shared their favorite dog-friendly destinations to help plan your next getaway with your pup. 

The Benefits of Dog-Friendly Trips

Vacation is the time to get away from normal responsibilities and reset. It’s something to look forward to – unless you’re a dog parent. 

As exciting as a vacation can be, dog parents know the excruciating guilt of leaving their pup behind while they travel. It’s especially stressful if you have a dog with separation anxiety or health issues. It’s hard not to think about them constantly while trying to soak up vacation time. 

That’s why trips with pets have become much more common. With a dog-friendly destination, your dog can tag along and there’s no need to worry about if they are doing ok. 

Cities with high amounts of tourists have noticed how much people like to go on dog-friendly trips and have made changes to welcome more animals. There’s never been more pet-friendly accommodations, parks, beaches, activities, and restaurants! 

Top Dog-Friendly Destinations from Sundays Employees

It’s easy to pick out a vacation spot for yourself, but there are a few more things to consider for trips with pets. It can be especially daunting to plan dog-friendly trips when you haven’t traveled there on your own yet.

Let the Sundays team do the work for you! Our employees shared their own experiences on trips with pets and their favorite dog-friendly destinations perfect for city, small town or city lovers. There is something for everyone. 

Tampa, FL

Our Influencer Manager, Susie, took her three pups to the dog-friendly destination of Tampa, Florida a few years ago. According to BringFido, Tampa is the 8th most pet-friendly city in the United States.

Dog-friendly beach destination in Tampa, Florida.

“Tampa is super dog-friendly with accommodating outdoor spaces, restaurants, breweries, state parks, and beaches,” Susie said. “Some of my favorites were Fort De Soto Dog Beach, Picnic Island Dog Beach Park, 3 Daugther Brewery, Tampa Bay Brewery Company, Big Ray’s Fish Camp and the River Walk!”

Susie’s dogs are a family of huge, lovable Bernese Mountain Dogs. Soshe is 9-years-old and is the momma bear. Then there are her pups Hansel and Bernie who are both 5. 

Just three Beranese dogs living their best life.

“We have a unique challenge since we are traveling with a family of bears! We always find an AirBnB that is dog-friendly with plenty of secure outdoor space,” Susie explained. 

The secret to Susie’s dog-friendly trips is to bring extra towels, toys, snacks, and water. She always travels with a big thermos and a collapsible bowl for water breaks. 

“Take frequent breaks on roadtrips,” Susie recommended. “Dogs get angsty like children so it’s important to stop for bathroom breaks and to stretch their legs (and yours).”

Palm Springs, CA

There are a few dog-friendly destinations on the West Coast like San Diego or San Francisco. But our Finance Director, Jackie, prefers trips to Palm Springs with her two dogs, Mindyn and Rufus. 

Mindyn and Rufus enjoying their stay

Jackie and her pups stayed at the La Quinta Resort & Club during their trip. The resort has many amenities for dogs that come with a $150 flat fee per stay. 

“There was a plush bed for the dogs with food and water bowls already in the room,” Jackie said. “Some of the rooms are specifically designed for dogs to stay there so it’s very dog-friendly.”

La Quinta Resort also boasts 45 acres of land for the dogs to roam along with pet-friendly hiking and jogging trails. It’s a great option for more lowkey dog-friendly trips. 

Jackie has one piece of advice for people who want to go on trips with pets.

“Don’t stress,” Jackie said, “people travel with screaming kids, so you can travel with cute furry friends.”

Brooklyn, NY

An unexpected spot for trips with pets is just across the bridge from the city that never sleeps. Our Lead Brand Designer, Adrien, recommends Brooklyn based on his excursions with his two Shiba Inus, Niko and Soba. 

Stay in Brooklyn with your dog for no extra charge!

The Hoxton in Williamsburg welcomes dogs with open arms! There’s no charge to bring them along,” Adrien explained. “Even if you’re not staying there, you can grab brunch in the beautiful lobby or a glass of wine on the patio.”

Start the morning of dog-friendly trips to Brooklyn at Fort Greene Park. Your pup can get some exercise while you wait for your morning caffeine to settle in.

“Swing by before 9 AM and your four-legged friend can run off-leash,” Adrien said. “This neighborhood spot is filled with early risers with coffee in hand. Swing by Peckish’s coffee window on your way for your own caffeine fix.”

Add the Dumbo Walk to your itinerary for a scenic stroll along the water promenade. Adrien says the walking route has amazing views of Manhattan and the bridges. 

“Stop at Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run for a few laps around this industrial park, then continue over to Butler’s take-away window for a delicious snack – they’ve also got free treats for your doggo,” Adrien said. “Eat at the picnic tables next to Jane’s Carousel before you continue walking south along the piers, where you can watch a pick-up basketball game and get views of the Statue of Liberty.”

Adrien warned that Brooklyn Bridge Park can get loud because of nearby trains, so plan a short stay if you’re dog is noise-sensitive. Brooklyn and the surrounding NYC burrows are great dog-friendly destinations for pups that are comfortable with busy city life. 

“In New York, walk confidently,” Adrien recommended. “There’s a lot going on around you that can be distracting for your dog, but they’ll take your lead. Trash is everywhere, so keep a keen eye out for chicken bones!”

Traveling with your pups to dog-friendly destinations can be chaotic – but Adrien has a few tips. 

“If you’re flying, make sure you have all your documentation printed out and that your carrier is up to snuff with your airline’s guidelines,” Adrien said. “Bring your dog food with you. Traveling can be stressful and the last thing your dog wants is an upset tummy.”

Planning Trips with Pets

Now that you have a few dog-friendly destinations to choose from, what’s next? Take a look at our Dog Travel Checklist to get an idea of what to pack and prep. 

Be sure to double-check that your lodging allows dogs. Some hotels have size or breed restrictions and may ask you to pay a fee if your pup stays with you. BringFido can help you find dog-friendly hotels and lodging. 

If you are choosing to fly to your dog-friendly destinations, confirm that the airline allows your pup onboard. Airlines often have breed and size restrictions so some pups aren’t eligible to fly. 

The key to stress-free trips with pets is to make sure you pack all the essentials. Don’t forget a leash, collapsible bowl, potty bags, carriers, and most importantly – their food. 

Dog-friendly trips are a breeze when you feed your dog air-dried fresh dog food like Sundays. The air-drying method preserves the natural nutrients and flavor of the ingredients so it’s shelf-stable, lightweight, and easy to travel with. 
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