Are Cranberries Good for Your Dog To Eat? Superfoods Explained

Cranberries are a great snack for people, but what about for dogs? Can you share your cranberries with your pup?

Whether you like to snack on cranberries all year round or prefer to save this treat for the fall season, you may be wondering whether or not you can share this treat with your furry friend. 

Can dogs eat cranberries? Experts say that you can! Cranberries are generally safe for dogs to enjoy as long as they’re given in moderation.

However, there are a few things to know before handing your pup what’s left of your bag of dried cranberries. 

Here’s what you need to know about safely feeding your dog cranberries, how to incorporate them into your pup’s diet, and potential risks that may occur. 


Cranberries: Are They Safe for Dogs?

In general, cranberries are a safe snack for your dog to enjoy. In fact, they’re an excellent source of some vitamins and nutrients that can support health and wellness in your pup. 

However, there are some concerns to be aware of when it comes to what kinds of cranberries you give your pup. 

Dried Cranberries: Absolutely! (But Watch Out for Raisins)

Other than regular, fresh cranberries, dried cranberries are an excellent way to feed your pup this snack. Dried cranberries provide some texture and are lower in sugar than canned versions of this fruit as they’re dehydrated. 

However, if you do choose to feed your pup dried cranberries, be sure to only buy cranberries. You may find bags of dried fruit that include dried raisins as well, but it’s critical to avoid raisins —  grapes are toxic for dogs and can lead to renal failure and even death. 

Cranberry Sauce: Not With All Those Extras 

Cranberries and dried cranberries are safe for dogs in moderate amounts, but you may be wondering if your pup can enjoy cranberry sauce around the holidays. 

While this seems like a sweet treat for your pup to enjoy, cranberry sauce isn’t the best form of cranberries to give your dog.

Cranberry sauce typically comes canned or pre-made. Canned foods can contain high levels of sodium, sugar, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients that work to extend their shelf life. However, these ingredients are not good for your pup to eat and outweigh the benefits of cranberries.

Stick with fresh or dried cranberries instead.

Cranberry Juice: Not This Either! 

Similarly, cranberry juice can contain high levels of sugar and be harmful for your pup. 

If you’re looking for an ingredient to incorporate into their food, stick with fresh or dried cranberries. 

And, if your dog is thirsty, stick with water. Always. 

Benefits of Cranberries 

Fresh cranberries or dried cranberries are excellent sources of nutrients when consumed in moderation — B vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, in addition to vitamin C and vitamin E. 

  • - Thiamin helps convert food into energy for the body to use while also promoting healthy muscle function.

  • - Riboflavin is essential for energy, cellular development and function, metabolizing fat, and much more. 

  • - Vitamin B6 is vital for cognitive function and development, as well as normal immune system and nervous system function.

  • - Vitamin C is necessary for immune health. This vitamin is also essential for absorbing iron into the body and keeping bones and teeth strong, 

  • - Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, combating free radicals and oxidative stress. This helps protect the body. 

How Much Cranberry Is Safe for My Dog? 

Like all other foods, too much of a good thing can be harmful. 

Stick with small amounts of cranberries when giving your dog a fun snack to make sure they stay safe and well-fed. 

Treat each cranberry, fresh or dried, like a treat. Just a few pieces will have your pup more than grateful!

Giving your dog too many cranberries can cause them to overload on the calories they need, leading to weight gain and obesity if continued. 

Excessive cranberry consumption can also lead to an imbalance in nutrition. Your pup may be eating too many cranberries, which contain lots of natural sugars, and less of the other foods they need to thrive. 

Lastly, too many cranberries can lead to stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal issues. 

Are There Cranberries in Dog Food? 

Figuring out how many cranberries are safe for your dog to eat and how often can be a challenge. While this fruit is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and more, your dog also needs a range of other ingredients to stay healthy. 

Our trusted veterinarians did the hard work so that you don’t have to! 

Here at Sundays, our dog food contains cranberries, a range of other whole fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains in just the right quantities, so your dog gets all the nutrients they need to thrive.

While you can continue to give your dog a few cranberries as a treat every now and then, choosing a dog food that incorporates cranberries in every bag lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy more time with your pup. 

With other fruits like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, cherries, and apples, combined with vegetables like chicory root, kale, carrots, beets, and much more, our food contains nutrients packed into every bite.

Plus, with minimal processing using gentle, air-drying techniques, our food is made up to human-grade standards. After all, your pup is part of your family, too. 

Choose Sundays and enjoy giving your dog cranberries at every meal without the hassle. 

Choosing Healthy Snacks for Your Pup 

Being a dog parent comes with unique challenges. You’re responsible for what your dog eats, how often they exercise, and monitoring their behavior and health. Plus, it’s normal to want to share the snacks you love with the furry friend you love.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to navigate which foods your pup can enjoy and which can lead to stomach upset or even toxicity, don’t worry. Our resources help break down which ingredients are good for your pup and which aren’t so good, so you can go back to doing what you love most. 

Check out our blog here to learn how to become an even better dog parent! 

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