Are Chia Seeds Dog-Safe?

Figuring out what foods are safe for your pup and which may cause irritation or toxicity isn’t easy. Are chia seeds safe for dogs? Keep reading to find out.

When you get a new pup, one of the first things you need to do is find a dog food that gives them the nutrients they need while tasting delicious. However, not all dog food is made equal, and not all dogs can eat the same food. 

Due to dog food allergies and intolerances, some dogs may react negatively to certain ingredients while others don’t. Plus, there are some ingredients that are toxic to dogs that you should always avoid.

Many owners find themselves wanting to feed their dogs the same superfoods they love. If you love all sorts of non-dog-type foods like chia seeds, you’ve probably asked yourself, are chia seeds safe for dogs? We’re here to break it down for you.

Chia Seeds: Safe or Not? 

It’s no secret that chia seeds are safe for humans. In fact, they’re excellent for wellness, immune support, and heart health. But, do these benefits extend to your pup? Are chia seeds safe for your dog? 

In short, yes, chia seeds are safe for your dog. 

Chia seeds even offer many health benefits for your pup and can help promote your dog’s health, wellness, and act like a superfood when incorporated into their diet. 

Benefits of Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds are considered a superfood for humans, and they act similarly for dogs. Chia seeds are packed with vitamin B, antioxidants, fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. These nutrients help support your dog’s physical wellness and keep them happy and healthy. 

Here are a few of the health benefits your dog will enjoy when eating chia seeds. 

Immune Health  

One of the benefits of giving your dog chia seeds involves their immune health. Chia seeds contain zinc, which is excellent for supporting your pup’s immune function. Chia seeds are also packed with omega-fatty acids, specifically ALA (alpha-linoleic fatty acids), which are great for heart health and keeping cardiovascular disease at bay.


Chia seeds are also rich sources of soluble fiber. Fiber not only helps your dog’s digestion and metabolism, but it can increase satiety, which can help your dog feel fuller, faster. If your dog is prone to overeating or eating too fast, try adding some chia seeds to their diet. This may help them cut down the food they eat and may even help them with weight loss when incorporated with a balanced diet and proper exercise since it can help them feel fuller with less food.

Other Health Benefits 

In addition to helping bolster immune health and aid digestion, chia seeds also have other benefits. Chia seeds contain nutrients that help support healthy vision, strengthen your dog’s coat and make it silkier, and even help maintain regular blood glucose levels in your pup. 

Including chia seeds in your dog’s diet is an easy way to make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need to support their whole body. 

How To Incorporate Chia Seeds Into Your Dog’s Diet 

While chia seeds are safe for dogs, it’s important that you know how to properly incorporate this superfood into your dog’s diet for the best results. Here are a few methods to consider:

Let Them Soak 

Consider soaking chia seeds in water overnight before feeding them to your dog. This turns the hard, small seeds into a soft food with a gel-like consistency. While the risk of your dog choking is very small, letting the seeds soak before feeding them to your pup can help mitigate that risk. 

Sprinkle Over Dog Food 

After you let chia seeds soak in water overnight, simply sprinkle them over your dog’s food. Whether you feed them homemade food or gently air-dried, ready to eat food like our formula here at Sundays, add a small amount of chia seeds to your dog’s food. 

Talk to a trusted veterinarian about how much to give your pet and how often. However, the general rule of thumb is that ¼ teaspoon chia seeds for every ten pounds of your dog’s weight is a generally safe amount to start with. 

Start small, watch for signs of irritation, and then increase the amount of chia seeds from there as desired. When in doubt, ask your pet’s physician.

Bake Into Treats 

Another way you can incorporate chia seeds into your pet’s diet is to bake them into treats. If you enjoy baking, this is an excellent way to show your dog some extra love and have some fun in the kitchen. Make sure you find a healthy recipe for your pup, too. 

Things To Be Careful Of 

Chia seeds are generally safe for most dogs, but it’s always important to monitor both your dog’s behavior and poops closely after giving them any new foods. Each dog is different, so if they show any signs or symptoms of discomfort or irritation, it may be best to take a trip to the vet to see if you need to potentially stop feeding them chia seeds. 

When you start feeding your pup chia seeds, this resource will help you learn how to monitor your dog’s poop

It’s also important to begin incorporating chia seeds slowly into your dog’s diet. Introducing any new food too fast can cause gastrointestinal issues, discomfort, and irritation, even if the food is very good for your dog. Go slowly and gradually increase frequency and chia seed content. It never hurts to talk to your vet about this, either. 

Superfoods and Sundays 

Feeding your dog superfoods can be massively beneficial for their health. It helps them enjoy extra nutrition they may not get every day from their regular dog food. 

Aside from that, it’s important to feed your dog healthy foods all the time to give them as much of those nutrients as possible. This means giving them a well-balanced diet packed with fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods that can promote your dog’s health and keep those tails wagging. 

Finding a dog food that meets these criteria and doesn’t include any of the unnecessary ingredients or additives may feel like a big feat with everything available on the store shelves. 

Luckily, Sundays for Dogs is an easy way to get exactly what your pup needs. We use clean ingredients like quinoa, pumpkin, wild salmon oil, sunflower oil, zucchini, kale, flaxseed, kelp, turmeric, ginger, broccoli, oranges, blueberries, and much more. Not only do we include fruits and veggies, but we include only the finest USDA grade beef, beef heart, beef liver, and beef bone so your dog gets all the nutrients and protein they need. 

If you’re looking for a well-balanced dog food recipe to feed your pup on top of your chia seed treats (or rather for your chia seeds to go on top of), look no further than Sundays

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