8 Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots to Visit This Spring Break

by Hannah Roundy

Yellow lab dog with head out of window on a road trip

It might mean a little extra planning – but you can’t put a price on the emotional support you get from your pup when traveling with your dog.

Take advantage of the tepid weather and bring your pup along for the ride on your spring break vacation. Explore dog-friendly vacation spots around the United States and learn the logistics of traveling with your pup. 

Why should I bring my dog with me when I travel? 

People without pets will never understand the emotional turmoil of going on vacation without your dog. You waste energy worrying about how your pup is feeling rather than enjoying the trip. The feeling of guilt and anxiety may always be in the back of your mind if your pup stays behind. 

For some, vacations are far more enjoyable when their dog comes with them. It might mean a little extra planning – but you can’t put a price on the emotional support you get from your pup. 

Let’s be frank – traveling with pets is not for everyone. Pet parents with large breed dogs might find planning a vacation with their pup more stressful and expensive than relaxing. If so, don’t feel guilty about leaving your dog at home with a sitter. 

But some people simply can’t bear traveling without their furry friend. If it’s practical for you and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, dog-friendly vacations are a must-try. 

Dog-Friendly Vacations on the West Coast

Portland, Oregon 

Portland, Oregon dog friendly spring break

Ranked as the #1 most dog-friendly vacation destination in the US, Portland is a must-see for pet parents traveling with their pups. The city has more dog parks per capita compared to every other city in the United States. You’ll find a solid mix of waterfront dog parks and walking trails to explore with your pup. 

We recommend stopping by Sellwood Riverfront Park if you visit Portland with your pup. No leash is required and the park has access to the Williamette River shoreline for dogs that love to splash around. 

San Diego, California 

Golden Retriever on beach in San Diego, CA

If you’re looking for beachy dog-friendly vacations, check out San Diego in Southern California. Here you’ll find the first off-leash beach in the United States, Original Dog Beach, along with plenty of other dog-friendly beaches.

Aqua Adventures in Mission Bay offers kayak and paddleboard rentals. Your dog is even welcome to come along on the ride! We recommend bringing along a dog lifevest if your pup will be spending time swimming in the ocean or kayaking with you. 

When it’s time for dinner, you and your pup have plenty of options. The San Diego area has over 500 dog-friendly restaurants to feed both you and your furry friend. 

Seattle, Washington