7 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

by Hannah Roundy

Summer is just around the corner! As the weather warms up, it’s easier to spend more time outside with your dog and try some new activities with them. Here are 7 of our favorite dog-friendly summertime activities. 

1. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent option on particularly hot days!  Whether it’s a lake, beach or your own backyard pool, swimming is a great way to exercise & keep your dog cool.

Certain breeds like Retrievers and Spaniels are called “water dogs” because they love to play in the water! For water dogs, try playing a game of frisbee or fetch so they can splash around. 

Not every dog likes the water or knows how to swim, so it’s okay if your pup is wary of water. Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog around water whether or not they can swim! Consider purchasing a dog life vest to keep them afloat, especially in rougher waters like lakes or oceans. 

2. Hiking

Bring Sundays as a trail treat for your next hike.

Try a new walking trail or hike this summer! Dogs love to discover new places and smells, so it can be an exciting activity for you and your pup. 

Be sure that your dog’s fitness level matches the hike's difficulty. The average in-shape dog can handle a hike of up to 5-10 miles. If your dog does hike often, a good rule of thumb is to start with low-impact trails and work your way up depending on their exertion levels. Bring plenty of water to keep them happy & hydrated! 

Depending on where you hike, your dog can be exposed to fleas & ticks. Check your dog for ticks after your hike and try using flea & tick preventive products before you head out. Talk to your vet and read our blog on flea & tick illness for more guidance. 

3. Go to the Dog Park

Dogs spend most of their time cooped up in a house or backyard, so time at the park is a nice change of scenery. This gives your dog plenty of room to run around and explore. Bring along a tennis ball or frisbee for playtime & exercise!

Dog parks can also help your shy pup socialize! Meeting other dogs & socializing can teach your pup how to react to the world in a healthy way without fear or aggression. If you already know your dog doesn’t get along well with others, the dog park might not be for them. 

If the dog park is a regular routine for your dog, try a new park! BringFido can also help you find on-leash and off-leash dog parks near you. 

4. Doggo Dinner Date

Take your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant.

Many restaurants and shops offer special seating for people with dogs! BringFido is a great way to find dog-friendly restaurants in your area. They can also help you find hotels, activities and events for you and your pup to enjoy. 

Be sure to practice restaurant etiquette and keep your pup on a leash while you eat. Bring a water bowl with you just in case the restaurant doesn’t provide one!

Taking your dog out to dinner with you isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. If you have a particularly anxious pup who might misbehave at a restaurant, try packing a picnic at the park instead! Remember that there will most likely be other dogs at the restaurant, too, so if your dog doesn’t get along with others, skip this idea. 

5. Dog-Friendly Events

Check your local resources to find dog-friendly events in your area. During the summer, things like sporting events or festivals may welcome your dog!

Follow dog outing etiquette if you decide to go to one of these events. Keep your dog on a leash, bring lots of water and treats and have lots of fun!

6. Cool Down 

In the dog days of summer, it’s hard to keep your pup cool and hydrated. Be sure to give them lots of water, but there are also more unique ways to cool them down. 

Try putting one of your dog’s toys in the freezer for a few hours. This way playtime on a hot day can also cool them off! 

You can also try putting some peanut butter or treats inside the toy when it’s in the freezer. Frozen peanut butter is harder to lick off than room-temperature, so this will keep them occupied and cool for longer. Read more about some cool-down methods for your dog on our blog

7. Puppy Playdate

Puppy playdates are a great way to socialize.

You can do all of these summer activities with multiple dogs!

Try a day at the beach or a game of fetch with new puppy pals. Have a puppy playdate to socialize your dog and help them get more comfortable with others. It’s also a great way for you to meet more dog parents like you!

Be sure to introduce your dog to other pups in a safe, comfortable environment. Some dogs don’t get along and that’s okay. Your dog might prefer to do these activities with just you. 

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