5 Reasons to Switch to Air-Dried Dog Food in 2024

by Hannah Roundy

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What is air-dried dog food and why is it the best diet for your pup?

There's so many types of dog food; frozen, refrigerated, kibble kinds and then of course there's raw food for dogs and home-cooked meals too. But have you heard of air-dried dog food? If the idea of a food that has all of the nutritional benefits of fresh diets, but is simple to serve sounds appealing, you should read on: 

What is air-dried dog food? 

Air-dried dog food is exactly what it sounds like. In Sundays’ case, it’s dog food made with 100% human-grade whole ingredients. We blend real meat, fruits, veggies, and whole grains into a nutritionally complete and balanced meal. 

Then, the food slowly air-dries into shelf-stable jerky that you can pour right into your dog’s bowl. By using a gentle cooking process like air-drying, Sundays retains each ingredient's natural integrity, flavor, and nutrients. 

Why should I switch to air-dried dog food?

1. Better Taste, Better Nutrition!

Compared to typical production, air-drying is a gentle way to cook dog food. We switch out intense heat and pressure by adding more time to the cooking process. Air-dried dog food cooks out bacteria and pathogens by slowly dehydrating raw ingredients.

Air-drying also allows us to leave in just enough moisture to make the food palatable for your dog to enjoy. Without using extreme heat and pressure, the ingredients also retain the ingredient’s natural flavor. This means the food is significantly tastier for your dog. 

Preserving the natural vitamins and minerals from raw ingredients also means we don’t need to add fake supplements to make our food nutritionally balanced. Your pup is getting maximum nutrients straight from the source. 

2. It’s More Convenient for You

We know convenience may not be the most crucial factor when choosing your dog’s food, but it is important. You already know that Sundays is the best air-dried dog food when it comes to nutrition. But Sundays is also convenient to store, feed, and buy. 

The air-drying process makes Sundays’ the most unique fresh dog food brand. Most fresh food brands ask you to store their product in the fridge or freezer. This means your dog’s food requires time to thaw out before serving and might need additional prep, as well. 

Slowly drying our ingredient blend means Sundays is shelf-stable. This means you can store it in any cool, dry spot in your home and free up space in your refrigerator. Shelf-stable fresh dog food also makes traveling with your dog easier. Just pack a Sundays bag right inside your suitcase! 

3. More Nutrition in Every Bite

Based on your dog’s breed, size, age, and health condition, they need a certain amount of calories every day. The larger the dog, the more calories they need to eat daily. Pet parents of large dogs know the hassle of carrying huge kibble bags or dedicating fridge space to their pup’s fresh dog food packets.