10 Dog Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day

by Hannah Roundy

Find the perfect pup-themed gifts for dog moms this Mother’s Day. 

Every mother deserves to be celebrated – and that includes the dog moms! Find the perfect pup-themed gifts for dog moms this Mother’s Day. 

All prices are up to date as of the posting of this article.

When is Mother’s Day for Dog Moms? 

That’s right – Dog Mom Mother’s Day is a real holiday. It’s called National Dog Mom’s Day and is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of May. This also happens to be the day before Mother’s Day. If you’re a mother to people and pups, the whole weekend is dedicated to you! 

Stumped on what to gift the dog mom in your life? Any pet-themed present is bound to put a smile on a dog mom’s face. Here are our top 10 gifts for dog moms this Mother’s Day. 

Dog Mom Gifts That Make Life Easier

Springer Travel Bottle - $25

As spring blooms into summer, dog moms know how important it is to keep their pups hydrated in the heat. Consider buying Springer Travel Bottles as gifts for dog moms that love to hike, run, or travel with their pups. 

This product acts as both a water bottle and a dog bowl. The bottle top acts as a bowl and all you have to do is squeeze to get the water to fill it up. Dogs can drink straight from the top of the bottle!

The Travel Bottle starts at $25 and comes in 15oz, 22oz, or 44oz sizes. Choose from bright colors like poppy red, lilac purple, and sky blue. 

Wild One Walk Kit - $138