Most Amazing Work from Home Setup for People with Dogs

by Hannah Roundy

Two people working from home with their dog

If you have a dedicated workspace in your house, there are a few simple things you can do to make it more cozy and inviting for your dog. 

Is it really work if your dog is by your side? For pet parents who work remotely, learn the best way to set up your workspace so it’s comfortable for you and your pup. 

Why Dog Parents Love Working from Home

Did you know that Sundays has a fully remote team? Our mission is to make it easier to be an awesome dog parent – and the same goes for our employees. Being an awesome dog parent is easier when you get to work right alongside your furry friend. 

With remote work, there’s no need to drop your pup off at doggy daycare or leave them in their kennel all day while you’re at the office. Dogs experience less separation anxiety and their humans get to reap the emotional benefits of having them nearby during work hours. Plus, you’ll save money on daycare and walkers with your pup at home. 

Research has shown there are numerous employer and employee benefits to working remotely with your pets. Dogs encourage you to take breaks from your desk, get outside, and take them on a walk during the work day. This is great exercise and a refreshing way to clear your mind before getting back to work. 

Having dogs present in your workspace also reduces time spent worrying about how your pup is doing on their own. This can increase your productivity and improve your focus when it comes to work. 

Tips for Designing a Dog-Friendly Workspace 

If you have a dedicated workspace in your house, there are a few simple things you can do to make it more cozy and inviting for your dog. 

Dedicated Dog Chair/Bed

Dogs like to have their own safe space. They need a warm spot where they can gaze out the window and take daily naps. We recommend adding a comfortable dog bed to your home office so your dog is more motivated to relax there while you work. 

Some dogs prefer to sit on a couch or chair so they can peek out the window. Plus, dog beds aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your home office. 

Sundays CX Associate, Shannon, recommends adding this elevated dog sofa to your workspace. Her Labradoodle, Pippy, adores lounging on the sofa and Shannon loves how it compliments her workspace. 

dog home office chair

Play Calming Music or DogTV

When you aren’t on Zoom calls, invite your dog to come hang out in your office by playing soothing music. Dogs love classical music, it can even help them reduce anxiety and calm down. You can find music made specifically to calm dogs on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 

Your dog may be more motivated to chill in your workspace if you have a television or a large monitor. Try turning on DogTV or YouTube channels with videos made specifically to engage dogs. Some of these videos can lull your dog to sleep or provide them with mental stimulation. 

Create a Playspace 

Dogs do sleep a lot, but your pup may also want to play while they’re in your workspace. Keep some of their favorite toys in your office to entice them to stick around during work hours. We suggest keeping squeaky toys out of the workspace to avoid noisy Zoom call feedback! 

Make their toy setup more aesthetically pleasing by storing them in a cute wicker basket. Choose an open basket without a closed top so your dog can get toys out as they please. 

Buy a Large Desk Chair for Lapdogs 

If your pup prefers to sit in your lap during work hours, be sure to purchase an office chair big enough for both of you. Traditional office chairs may not be the most comfortable place for you to sit with your dog on your lap. 

This viral desk chair is big enough for you to cross your legs comfortably. With that space, you can also fit a tiny dog or two to doze in your lap while you work!