"My dog LOOOOOVES this food. It's amazing that it is so healthy for him and convenient for me!"
"My dog LOOOOOVES this food."

Sundays for Dogs Reviews

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  • Michael W. for Do Dong, Do Dong Verified Buyer
    Crappy Shipping
    Still waiting for a shipment order 2 weeks ago.
  • George S. for Nellie, Doggy Verified Buyer
    Sounds good but
    My dog gets severe diarrhea when eating the turkey blend. Still have half a bag. Nellie gets sick every time she eats it. If someone wants what is left you can have it
  • Anthony N. for Lucy Verified Buyer
    Over the course of time I slowly added Sundays to Lucy’s diet as recommended. Late last week I got her to her suggested full amount twice a day. She ended up having diarreha. I stopped feeding her Sundays and put her on a boiled chicken and rice meal. And her stool is hardening. Please cancel my subscriptions. I believe her age of 10 years is not allowing her to digest Sundays properly.
  • Bee M. for Storm Verified Buyer
    Horrible service and inconsistent quality
    Wanted so much to like Sundays but it fell short on several fronts. 1) absolutely horrible service considering that we were spending $400+ a month on our subscription. One of our shipments got lost in the USPS system and it took 16 days and multiple follow ups on my part in order for Sundays to finally replace the order; obviously I had to rush to buy other food for my dog in the meantime. 2) the company does not truly give a 100% guarantee; only for your very first order (and within only within 14 days). Want to try another Sundays recipe that doesn’t end up working out for your dog? Don’t expect any help or money back from Sundays other than a partial refund if you provide proof that you’ve donated the unused portion…basically a useless offer, as shelters and organizations in my area do not accept opened food. 3) inconsistent quality - the replacement order that finally arrived after 16 days made my dog sick, but based on the difficulty I had in dealing with the company previously, I decided to cut my losses and cancel….leaving me with $200 wasted and days of mess to clean up from my poor dog. Nowhere near premium service for above premium prices. Severely disappointed and would not recommend food, nor service, to anyone.
  • Margaret K. for Reba Verified Buyer
    My dog does not like it.
    She ate it for two weeks. Now she won't eat it.
  • Nikki for Verified Buyer
    Scam - Avoid at all costs
    Avoid this company. Poor quality control and poorer business practices. What a shame. I really wanted to like this company and was excited when I could give them a try while traveling to the US. But the food quality and their customer service were such a terrible let-down. The bags arrived moldy, so I tossed them out, and moved on. But, unbeknownst to me, they had signed me up for recurring delivery thanks to their sketchy business model where you think you’re buying a bag of food, when in fact they’re signing you up for a subscription at 2X the price. I’m back home now, so the hotel I was staying at in the US going to receive a second order of possibly-moldy food. Customer service refused to cancel the order that they had placed for me saying it was out of their hands. Please do yourselves a favor and avoid this company.

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