Recipe Changelog

We're constantly improving our recipes, because it's never good enough for our best friends.

Version 1.0
Current Version
  • Small changes in amounts of several existing ingredients
    Improved digestibility
Version 0.3.2
  • Slightly modify amounts of pumpkin and quinoa
    To improve fiber composition
Version 0.3.1
  • Replace millet with quinoa
    More nutritional benefits and found better source
Version 0.3
  • Increase beef bone
    Additional Calcium and Phosphorous to meet requirements for Puppies
Version 0.2.13
  • Remove honey
    Was only for texture, but negatively affected digestion in some dogs.
Version 0.2.12
  • Decrease soluble fiber by decreasing pumpkin, zucchini and chicory root.
    For firmer stools in dogs with sensitive tummies.
Version 0.2.11
  • Decrease turmeric.
    Additional amount we're using not shown to have additional benefits beyond mineral content.
Version 0.2.10
  • Increase protein/fat ratio of beef.
    To decrease "richness" and provide improved digestion in some dogs.
Version 0.2.9
  • Decrease kelp.
    To decrease iodine. Actual kelp had more iodine than projected.
Version 0.2.8
  • Add parsley.
    For fiber and vitamin/mineral properties.
Version 0.2.7
  • Add zucchini.
    To increase potassium.
Version 0.2.6
  • Replace quinoa with millet.
Version 0.2.5
  • Change mix of beef and beef heart.
Version 0.2.4
  • Replace salmon with salmon oil.
    Human Grade cooking standards make it essentially impossible to dry multiple meats at once (e.g. beef and salmon), but a meat and a oil combination is feasible.
Version 0.2.3
  • Remove chickpeas.
    Because as legumes they're also linked to DCM in grain-free dog food.
Version 0.2.2
  • Remove sweet potatoes.
    Because they're linked to DCM in grain-free dog food.
Version 0.2.1
  • Replace duck with beef.
    For better consistency in protein and fat. Also, because beef has a better understood amino acid profile than duck, and exotic proteins may be implicated in DCM issue.